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The Tie

Recently I attended the funeral of a friend and neighbor. John was strong and healthy all of his life; even running marathons into his 70’s. Then the curse of cancer struck and it was a quick three months from diagnosis to his passing. It was hard for me over that time to see the life and […]

Tender Care Nurse of the Year 2016 ….. Sarah Moore

The Definition of a nurse according to the dictionary is a person trained to care for people who are ill or not able to care for themselves because of injury, or old age. Home health nurses provide specialized care in the patient’s home. Hospice nurses work with terminally ill or dying patients to help ensure […]

Tax Time Help for Caregivers

Being in an industry where we have the honored opportunity to interact with the elderly and their families, I am often on the lookout for advice and suggestions that can benefit our patients, their families and caregivers. Recently I came across a column in my local paper under the heading of Savvy Senior. Savvy Senior […]

Amazing CNA’s Provide Tender Care

Amazing CNA’s provide Tender Care With a happy and welcoming smile our trained and certified CNA greets her patient who has become like family. The trust and respect is manifest in the warm and kind manner in which the aide provides her care; a care that eases the burdens of her patient and lightens the […]

Tender Care Home Health and Hospice Receives ‘Zero-Deficiency’ Survey

Tender Care Home Health and Hospice, a Utah company, received a “Zero Deficiency Survey” from Home Health Medicare State Surveyors, demonstrating the agency’s diligence and efforts to provide quality care for their patients. This survey comes on the heels of many months of improvements, and a concerted effort to become a five-star agency. Garr Judd, […]

November is Home Care and Hospice Month

November is Home Care and Hospice Month This is a great time to recognize and honor nurses, home aides, therapists and social workers whose kindness and concern make a significant difference in the lives of their patients in homes across the country. We are especially proud of the clinical experts what have chosen to associate […]

When You Need Help at Home

I Just read a great article in the September issue of Consumer Reports On Health. It is entitled “When You Need Help at Home- How to find, hire, and cover the costs of a home health aide while recovering from an injury or surgery.” By Orly Avitzur, M.D., M.B.A. Here are some key points: “Who […]