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Personal Care – TenderCare
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Long-Term Care Options

If you are contemplating placing your loved one into a long-term care center or nursing home because they are ill or can no longer take care of themselves, you should consider your options. There are several ways you can provide more safety and security in their home, wherever they reside, while assuring they receive the professional care they need. There are two main alternatives to long-term nursing facilities: In home Hospice Care and Personal Care Services.

Personal Care

Personal Care Services go by many different names; home or in-home care, senior or geriatric care, senior assistance or in-home senior care, elder care and sometimes (although incorrectly used) home health care. In general, Personal Care Services include assistance with bathing, showering, bed bathing, transferring, clothing, dental care, skin care, lotioning, shaving, pericare, perennial care, denture care, incontinence, and other personal services including light housework. Offering these services to the patient in their home gives them the dignity they deserve while still allowing them to be cared for by an experienced, trained and certified specialist. It also takes the load off of the family both emotionally and physically.

Tender Personal Care

Tender Personal Care offers patients flexibility and a more comfortable experience by allowing them to receive care in their place of residence, which means it can take place in their home, in the hospital, a nursing facility, assisted living center, a hotel room, or other place of residence.

All Personal Care Services are completed by licensed care givers called Certified Nursing Assistants, or CNA’s.  All of our CNA’s are certified by the State of Utah. They are also CPR and First Aid certified, are trained monthly and evaluated quarterly by an RN (Registered Nurse).

Tender Personal Care is licensed, insured and bonded. This is a very important question to ask when researching Personal Care Service Agencies. Choosing a licensed, insured and bonded agency protects the individual against accidents or other legal liabilities that might occur while the patient is receiving care. Although Tender Personal Care does not anticipate any legal issues arising during the course of performing care services, in the event that they do, choosing a licensed, insured and bonded personal care agency ensures that the patient is in no way liable.

Financial Benefits of In-Home Personal Care

In-home Personal Care offers many benefits to the patient and family of the patient, both physically and emotionally. It also has financial benefits: The average monthly cost of long-term care in a nursing facility is between $3500-$5,000 depending on what part of the country the services are being provided. When you add those costs up over several years, they are typically too much for the average American family to take on. In addition to the cost, the majority of seniors would prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home as long as possible. People are most comfortable in their homes; it is familiar, they feel safe, their friends are close by and they often have been a part of their communities and church groups for many years. When someone moves into a Care Center, the change can be significant; it is a big sacrifice financially and socially and that is why Personal Care Services are a wonderful option for everyone involved.

Personal Care Services are not covered by Medicare. However, there are two other ways to pay for in-home senior care. The individual can either pay privately for the services or seek out a county/municipal program that may subsidize the service. The private costs for care are going to vary from agency to agency and will depend on a number of factors ranging from location, average daily hours, and level of care, to type of services provided. PleaseContact Us directly for a customized price quote for Tender Personal Care Services.

Regardless of how you pay for Personal Care Services, in-home private care is almost always dramatically less expensive than care received in a Nursing Home or other type of long-term Care facility. If the individual or family is unable to financially afford paying for the care privately, there are a number of programs available at the county and state level. These plans are designed specifically with the goal of keeping people out of Nursing Homes for as long as possible. It is in the state’s best interest to keep individuals in their home as it is good for the community and for the individual on a social level but it also makes clear financial sense. If an individual requires long-term Care from a Nursing Facility and the family is unable to pay either privately or through a supplemental insurance policy, the state must pay for this through Medicaid programs. The cost for long-term care is the same for the state as it is for the individual, so states find themselves paying for the long-term care of thousands of individuals on a monthly basis, costing taxpayers millions of dollars annually. For this reason, there are programs available to assist families with the cost of in-home Personal Care Services. For some families, long-term nursing care facilities make the most sense and are the best option, however it is nice to know that there are options for every circumstance and that either way, there are assistance programs available for whichever service is best for your loved one.

Utah Programs

Tender Care works with both Salt Lake and Davis County programs. There are programs referred to as the “Aging” program, the “Alternatives” program or the “Aging Waiver” program. Every county has these types of programs. They provide Personal Care Services, homemaking services, small home repair services and many other services to senior members of their communities. The main purpose of each of these programs is to maintain the quality of life, safety, security, health, comfort and dignity of the individual physically, financially, emotionally and socially.

Tender Personal Care has experienced staff ready to assist you in working with these government programs to receive the financial help you need to provide in-home care services to your loved one. Simply Contact Us and we will walk you through the process.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details regarding Tender Personal Care and our services.